Muscle Targets! Working Out With Purpose

December 29, 2018

 FUN FACT: Did you know that the human body has over 650 muscles?! Crazy, right?!

ALSO FUN FACT: Did you know that most exercise routines don't cover even half of them?!?! And that's just downright scary!


Take your training to the next level by targeting specific muscle groups! Movers, stabilizers, large & small's time you worked them! Because, if you're not using them, you are on your way to losing their functionality, causing us to compensate in other ways (i.e., poor posture, inefficient gait patterns) and leading us down a very unwanted path (digestion issues and chronic injuries, to name a few). We are all guilty of hitting those large muscles, because they are the most visible, however it is just as equally important to work those smaller muscle groups. Those smaller groups, sometimes referred to as "accessory muscles" should be trained with higher repetitions (about 15-20 reps) and lower weight. It's the smaller/unseen muscles that help us stay functionally fit and ready for whatever life throws our way!


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