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JOiN ME Food Journal!

Research has shown that physically writing down your food and beverage intake can help you achieve your nutrition goals. The reasons why, are simple:

1. Eating can be mindless

By recording your daily food and beverage intake, it allows you to see exactly how much you are consuming in a day. Whether it be too much or too little, both can hinder your nutrition progress.

2. Realizing how you feel after each meal

We all react differently to different foods, and most of the time we are blind to WHICH foods we react most to. By keeping a log of your daily meals, it becomes way easier to pin-point which foods can trigger discomfort within our bodies, thus helping us avoid them in the future.

3. It helps you face reality

Have you ever felt like you already eat tons of fruits and vegetables but just can't lose weight!? Well, sometimes we lie or hide things even from OURSELVES. Try logging your food for an entire week and notice the trends. Maybe you drink more alcohol than you think, or skip your daily vegetables a little more than you realize. Having a food journal will help you realize that!

The point of a food journal isn't to obsess over calories in versus calories out. Which is exactly WHY I did not create a space on the chart for that. I personally DO NOT count calories, macros or even step on a scale because I believe in listening to your body and going with how you FEEL within your body rather than how an outward number MAKES you feel.