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New Year Challenge!


Welcome to the New Year JOiN ME Challenge! Let's get down to business..

This challenge is a MONTH LONG! Starting on Monday, January 1st and ending Wednesday, January 31st. As always, JOiN ME consists of five main pillars, all of which will be used throughout the length of this challenge:

1. Nutrition & Hydration

2. Exercise

3. Mobilization

4. Sleep

5. Lifestyle

You may notice that this challenge is slightly different than the last. This time, I want you all to establish a main GOAL for yourself. A goal that can be achieved within the 31 days of this challenge. Use that goal to determine the exercise program that you will follow. The programs created are designed specifically for: ENDURANCE, STRENGTH & MUSCLE TONE/WEIGHT-LOSS. Follow your program three days per week, for two weeks! I will be sending out the programs for weeks 3 & 4 on January 13th.

ALSO don't forget to track your progress! If your main goal is weight-loss, record your weight before and after this challenge. If your goal is to increase your strength, record the weights that you use in your workouts! There is nothing more powerful than seeing your own progress right before your eyes!